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Electrum Quantum Audio Engine

Développeur Billy Coskun
2.97 usd

*Worlds first commercial quantum product*Developed based on quantum properties of digital electronic circuits*Audiophile quality - unlimited channel - remote frequency and dynamic range expander*When installed on an Android device, not only the sound quality of the device itself, but the app also remotely improves the bass response and overall sound quality with extended treble of any music source, on any sound device such as a computer, Hi-Fi, multi-channel home theater system, TV, car audio.PLEASE NOTE: This app is not a music equalizer. It treats all the sound frequencies equal by making the hardware of the phone or other music equipment remotely perform better. The app works in the background without needing any input from you. If you want a stronger effect, you can load the app, click on the ON button and set the effect to the max position. Exiting the app by pressing the middle button on your phone will save your settings until you turn your phone/tablet OFF. Playback of high quality music recordings in wav format is recommended for the highest possible sound quality. I appreciate that for some of the people who are not experienced in A/B testing of music files and audio equipment, it would probably be difficult to hear what the app does. In that case, please listen to music on your phone or stereo system. If you like the way the music sounds, its all that matters.